The inspiration for opening a coffee shop on CrossCity Christian Church’s campus began with the vision to create an environment where people connected so meaningfully that it changed the quality of their lives. We believe that life is better connected! The Frappe House is a non-profit coffee house, largely staffed with volunteers. Each Quarter, proceeds benefit a different charity in our community. With each hand-crafted beverage purchased, our guests are partnering in our Mission to reach our community. Showing that something as simple as your daily cup of coffee or tea can have a big impact in the community at large.

2022 – 1ST QUARTER

2022 – 2ND QUARTER

2022 – 3RD QUARTER


During both the Creek Fire & COVID, the Frappe House was able to provide free food and drinks for hundreds of our local First Responders. Also, through your continued support we were also to give back to Pregnancy Care Center, Art of Life Cancer Organization and CARE Fresno.