The inspiration for opening a coffee shop on CrossCity Christian Church’s Campus began with the vision to create an environment where people connected so meaningfully that it changed the quality of their lives. We believe that life is better connected! The Frappe House is a non-profit coffee house, largely staffed with volunteers. Each Quarter, proceeds benefit a different charity in our community. With each hand-crafted beverage purchased, our guests are partnering in our Mission to reach our community. Showing that something as simple as your daily cup of coffee or tea can have a big impact in the community at large.


Two Cities searches far and wide to purchase the best, 100% organic, fair trade & relationship based green arabic coffee beans. The Frappe House chose to feature Two Cities for two reasons: 1) They are local, and 2) They give back. A portion of the proceeds from every pound of coffee purchased is given to Medical Ministries International (MMI), a non-profit organization based out of Clovis, CA.

Want to learn more? Two Cities Website


Do you have a passion for coffee, people, and doing good in your community? The Frappe House is looking for volunteers! Training will be provided, no experience necessary. Interested? Fill out our Frappe House Volunteer interest form and we will get back to you.